Our office is located (only Branch)

  • 39/4 Sukhumvit 26 Road,  Soi Atthakrawi1, Khwang, Khlong Tan, Ket Khlong toei, Bangkok 10110
  • Tel : +669 0542 3035

Please find the access map by click here

To rent one of our bikes, we only need a copy of your passport, you can come with your original and we will make a copy at our rental office. We DO NOT keep your original passport.

The deposit is 2,000thb for standard scooter and 3,000thb for PCX and higher model. Your deposit will be fully returned to you when you return the scooter.

By renting a bike in our company, we will provide you with third-party insurance that works if you have a Thai or international driving license.

We got a large choice of scooters but if you need a specific model, let us know by phone and we can book it for you.

Bangkok looks like a very busy city with a lot of traffic but people are driving slowly, alcohol-free and cars drivers respect the scooter drivers as they are used to cohabitate with them. Just follow the flow of scooter and you will be safe.

Yes, and we provide 2 helmets complementary.

Most of the scooter are automatic, simple control and ideal for Bangkok traffic. We also have semi-automatic and fully geared bikes on demand.

We are not only a rental company, but we can also provide an amazing tour itinerary with scooter guide to show you around, don’t waste time and visit Bangkok in total freedom with our experienced guide.

There is virtually no theft in Bangkok, if your bike disappeared, this is because you parked it at a wrong place and it has been taken by the police. In this case, contact us immediately when you find out and we will contact the closest police stations to recover the bike.

No need, we are very flexible and you can return the bike with any level of gasoline shall you be able to get to the shop.

We got you covered and offer you a free full body raincoat.

Without hesitation, take a PCX 150 or Nmax 155, there the best ones to hit long roads.

We deliver the scooter to our regular customers after having established trust. For new clients, we recommend coming to our shop to have a large choice and drive test your selected models before renting it. We can also send a moto-taxi to pick you up at your location and bring you to our shop.

No need, we are the only rental company charging ‘’per night’’ so if you take your bike at 10 am on Monday you can return it on Tuesday at 6 pm, and we’ll charge only 1-day rental.