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Motorbike driving license service

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors rent a motorcycle or scooter, ride without a license and get away with it. This is illegal. Many travelers claim to have checked the “motorcycle” box on their international driver’s license. If the police officer who stops you is not duped, you will have to pay a fine. What happens if you have an accident and need to call on your travel insurance? It’s simple: without a valid license, you are driving illegally and are not covered. Then you should be thinking to our motorbike driving license service

If you are considering staying in Thailand and would like to drive legally and safely, you need to get a Thai driver’s license. We help foreigners get Thai documents by offering a motorbike driving license service. We make the entire process very simple and direct for you. It takes 3 to 6 hours and you will have your license in hand. It is even possible to get a license while having a tourist visa!

Motorbike driving license service

How to get your driving license in Bangkok?

You want to ride a scooter in Bangkok, but you do not have enough self-confidence in your riding abilities? Or you would like to start driving big motorcycles, but you do not know how to drive manually? Do not worry – we offer motorbike driving license service thru driving lessons for both manual and automatic motorcycles and scooters.

Our goal is to get you confident on a motorcycle in a fast, but safe manner. To do this, we ensure that you are equipped with an appropriately sized and styled motorcycle, and then we give you instruction, in short, easy-to-understand steps. We make sure you progress through the process quickly and are riding with complete confidence before you know it. Hoping you’ll be satisfied by our motorbike driving license service.

We can help you get your driving license

Thai legislation concerning motorbikes or motorcycle or scooter licensing standards for foreigners is quite unclear and is generally dependent on the interpretations of any police officer with whom you talk. If you want to drive a car or a motorcycle in Thailand, you need to have a license. Every year, thousands of visitors rent a motorcycle and ride around Thailand without a license. This practice is illegal. You will need a driver’s license from your home country if you want to rent a motorcycle or a car. But if you do not have an international license or a Thai license, you are driving illegally. That is why we offer a motorbike driving license service.

The best way to avoid problems, fines, and bribery is to get a Thai license. That is the only way to be 100% confident that you will not get into the problem at any of these control points. While the process is not excessively difficult, it is made tough by the administrative requirements, the appointment process, the time in line, and the total lack of English at the Department of Transportation. That is where we can assist you in easing the entire process with our motorbike driving license service.

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Best Motorbike driving license service in Bangkok

If you want to drive a car or a motorbike or a motorcycle in Thailand, you need to have a license and deal with a company offering a motorbike driving license service – the one from your country (it’s best to combine it with an international driver’s license) – or you can get one in Thailand, and it must match the category of vehicle you intend to rent. If you do not have a motorcycle license in your country, you won’t magically get one by flying to Thailand.

Due to our long history of riding motorcycles in Bangkok, we find There is no doubt that the quickest, most cost-effective, and most practical way to get around the city is by motorbike. While it’s not difficult, it’s a smart idea to have some assurance in your riding skills before you hit the road for the first time. It does not matter if you’ve literally never ridden a motorcycle before, or if you’re just trying to brush up on your skills: Have a look at our motorbike driving license service.