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Motorbike Rentals Bangkok offer you the opportunity to rent a scooter in Bangkok (Thailand). After a lapse of time staying in Bangkok, everyone can note that the circulation is very dense, because of that, the city is crowded and always under traffic jam.

To solve this problem, we find a solution to help people moving in Bangkok and we can do that thanks to our motorbikes.

We have many years of experiences in riding bikes in Bangkok and know that the best solution to move faster and cheaper in Bangkok is by scooters. This is why we decided to start our rental scooter company. We want to offer you the best services: at any time and at the cheapest rental price. We want to save your time and your money and we have only one goal: be a company offering safety, freedom. For that, we offer you the opportunity to rent ours scooters by day, week and month and provide you helmet and third-party insurance.

Rent your scooter in Bangkok with flexible services

Feel free to call us if you need to rent a scooter in Bangkok. You can also call us anytime if you have question or need of help. If we can realize your dream and your trip, be sure that we will do anything to make it. We want to provide you convenience, safety thanks to our family business team. Our priority is to help you.

Ours managers have more than 25 years’ experience with scooters and big bikes. We take care of ours scooters as if we were using them and much better. We are also able to advice you which scooter would be the most appropriate for you based on your need but also on your requirements.

Large selection
We offer the largest choices of scooter models in Bangkok. Whatever you are looking for, we got it for you: automatic scooters, 3 wheelers to big bikes. Just contact us, thanks to our experienced motorcycle drivers we will able to advise you, and choice with you the right scooter!

Charge Flexibility
Any rental company in Bangkok have a simple rule: you need to bring back the scooter at the same time you collected it. They all proceed like that: if you rent a scooter one day and take it on Monday at 10am you will have to bring it back on Tuesday 10am. If you bring it back on Tuesday at 5pm they will charge you for 2 full days. With our rental scooter company, if you bring it back at 6pm we will only charge you one day only! We only count the night of the scooter spent with you, so for a daily rental, this is only the half of price of other scooter rental company in Bangkok (and in Thailand). And if you get longer term rental we will gift you a free day!

Since 2010 we are the number one in term of rental scooter company in Bangkok. We were the first who rent a scooter, at the opening date and are also the first in term of park size, reputation and quality of services. Since our beginning, more than 4.000 customers trusted us for their rental.

Scooter quality guaranteed
Our park of scooters is renewed every year to assure you the best quality. We are mostly buying brand scooters with under 10,000 mileages at the buying day. And to offer you a better security, a complete check-up is done between each rental.
Easy to find us
To rent your scooter in our Branches is very simple to find us: our shop is very nice located, right in Samut Prakan, which makes it very convenient for you to find us. Our office is at 15 minutes from any major Bangkok location. If you have any problem to find us in Taxi or moto Taxi, feel free to call us and we will explain them in Thai how to reach our shop. You can also find our map access and Thai explanation on the “contact us” section.

We are doing more than rent scooter in Bangkok. Advise is our catchword, we take all the time needed to discuss with our customers. We can have a discussion about scooter requirements, if you are not an experienced motorcycle rider. But we can also advise you on the places to see in Bangkok or Thailand. Sometimes we are doing a travel agency job but whatever, we love to share our knowledge.

We want to provide you the best customer services to get repeated business on the long run. That’s why, we always take care of you and our rental services. We are against expensive rental companies which charges you when you are returning the scooter because of some scratches (There are many in Thailand). If you rent one of our motorbike, we don’t keep your passport, we know that you can need it so just a copy is enough. Enjoy your ride with freedom of mind !