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Rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok

We offer motorbike rental services in Bangkok, from which you can rent Yamaha Mio Bangkok. In these urban areas, you will find that the congestion is constant, and the city is full: considering this, we started to react and propose answers to reduce the congestion in Bangkok.

Having driven a motorbike for some time in Bangkok, we realized that motorbikes and scooters seemed to be the fastest and most convenient approach to getting around the city. Our mission is to offer motorbike rentals with the best quality of administration, reliably and at the best cost. Do not hesitate to rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok: rentals are permanent, daily, weekly, and monthly.

The open driving position and wide twofold seat empower you to get securely and easily to work or elsewhere. Decent highlight rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok.

Rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok

Yamaha Mio Specifications

Its key points are its renewed original style, its coupled braking system, its injection and saddle height, its grip, its agility, and liveliness.

Elegance, smoothness, stability, and riding comfort are the hallmarks of the MIO: this scooter ensures performance and reliability. It is equipped with a combined braking system (front disc, rear drum). The aesthetic facelift is accompanied by LED position and rear lights, while the instrumentation features a digital display with an analog speedometer.

The boot is wide and deep and opens at the touch of a switch (with an anti-burglar flap), with a flat floor, retractable passenger footrests, side stands with circuit breaker and central locking system/ To rent a Yamaha Mio in Bangkok is a decent decision in case you’re a fledgling, or in case you’re simply searching for something to take you in and out of town.

Single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine

Injection. PGM-FI



 57.9 mm (2.1 x 2.3 inches)


Overhead Expansion Chambers (SOHC)


Single hydraulic disc ø 220 mm with 2 piston caliper


Drum ø 130 mm






Electronic digital ignition TCI with transistors


125.00 ccs (7.63 ci)

Final drive: Belt

9.39 hp (6.9 kW) @ 8000 rpm

11.8 Nm at 6500 rpm Electric Start

70/90-14M/C 34P

80/90-14M/C 40P

Automatic transmission

26.5° (26.5°)

9.60 nm (1.0 kgf-m or 7.1 ft.lbs) at 5500 rpm

1.70 litres/100 km (58.8 km/l or 138.37 mpg)

Telescopic fork

Swingarm unit

Single disc

Drum brake

Oil-forced wet sump lubrication Cooling Air-cooled

Yamaha Mio rental

Be Independent: To rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok allows you to spend the day at your own pace and leave only when you are ready to do so. First, you won’t be dependent on public transportation and cabs, which are more suitable for going out at night for example. You will save money since the public vehicle systems (BTS, MRT) are still exorbitant for standard use. Cabs are better for the night if you want to go out. Renting a Yamaha GT in Bangkok will be an advantage for you.

While the Yamaha Mio gives all the joy and skill you expect from a motorbike, it will give you the speed you need to enjoy a vehicle tour and, finally, you’ll be sure to be able to get around whenever and wherever you want without having to worry about it so rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok. Small and convenient, we can see why this scooter is an absolute necessity in Bangkok for those who need to get around the city safely and easily.

Why rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok?

For starters, you’ll get there faster than if you took a car or cab. You can venture out later in the day and return home before evening. Your time out is greatly reduced. If you rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok, you will be efficiently equipped to pass vehicles in the constant traffic jams. Unlike cabs, which are often stuck in traffic jams and constantly lose time.

Also, you will save money, as public vehicles (BTS, MRT) are usually expensive for daily use. Also, a cab or a motorbike cab is still very expensive for a simple traveler: the packages to rent a Yamaha Mio in Bangkok will be to your advantage. At this point, what are you waiting for to rent Yamaha Mio in Bangkok?