#1 motorbike rental in Bangkok

since 2013

From 200THB / day only!!!!




Honda MSX 125 1


First price from our float

– 400 THB / Day
– 1,700 THB / Week
– 4,500 THB / Month

Kawazaki 250zL 2


Comfortable & powerful

– 600 THB / Day
– 3000 THB / Week
–  7000 THB / Month



Great to have when there is traffic and easy to ride through traffic jams. Various excellent scooters to choose from. 


Bangkok big bike rentals

For great adventures and incredible sightseeing through different cities and countries in Aisa and South-East Asia.



A great choice to explore the city and stop for a bite and relaxation, whenever you feel like to experience ultimate riding pleasure. 

City Bikes

Just as there are various types of commuters, there are also various types of city bikes that our customers can rent to explore the city of Bangkok. We offer many city bikes which come with different features so that our customers can entertain themselves with our bikes. Renting a proper and the right bike depends on the city you’re in, where dwelling is should be fun and it should not be limited by the bike you are renting to ride. The type of roads that offer you the freedom to move fast on two-wheeled lifestyle city bikes, which are greatly in demand when people visit Bangkok, Thailand. 

You will be spending most of your time on the road exploring the great city of Bangkok, and how long you will be on the road each will have to be matched by renting a scooter that has the capacity to perform beyond your expectation. That’s where our professional staff and customers will assist you in selecting and recommending the top-notch bike that matches your riding style.

City of Bikes

Ride in style

Ride or die in style and be fast and furious and choose a city bike that delivers excellent performance and has different features and styles that you can explore. We believe that our customers should not only have to explore the city but we also provide them with the opportunity to explore and experience our city bikes. How quickly you would like to ride from A to B and how well your fitness level is, we believe it is important to choose the bike for exploring the city of Bangkok. 

A scooter is just a ticket for tourists and ex-pats and a very convenient way to zip crosstown back and forth with our city bikes, that they can ride with style. Our bikes are perfect for any distance travel to assist you in making your riding as fun as possible. Our bikes make sure that they have solid tires, have a sophisticated braking system, and have the ability to cover various terrains while you are on your exploring adventure of a city bike.

Manual Bikes

Experience makes us better when you come to rent manual bikes from us in the city of Bangkok, where opportunities and excitement are waiting for you. We are a very friendly and professional customer center and serviced performing company that delivers the #1 city bike rentals in Bangkok. You will be able to learn and adapt to driving manual bikes because the opportunity will be presented to you and we have various options for bikes available to you for selecting your bike. 

Our bike’s exits of rising bars and high front end should be easier for most of our customers as less of your weight will be in your arms and a bike with a short chainstay that will keep your wheel closer to the bottom bracket will also be slightly easier for our customers.

City bikes

Best city bikes

Our city bikes have cushy rides that will leave a fine first impression on our customers, bikes with an upright riding position, which can also travel easily on a wide variety of surfaces of the city of Bangkok. Whether your choice is a hybrid or cross-city bike which can be fast and easy to pedal as a road bike while being just as comfortable and versatile as a mountain bike.

That’s why we believe that comfort bikes are just that comfortable and we would like to be there for our customers in offering them the best city bikes in the city of Bangkok.